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Underwriter’s Risk Identification Training

Risk identification is often forgotten about at the point of policy sale and only detected at the point of claim. In 2012, we have seen a significant increase in people lying during the application process to save money on policies – and this is often going undetected. this then over-inflates the claim statistics when in fact in some cases, they could so easily have been avoided.

We successfully work with clients to understand their inception processes then develop more effective risk assessment processes that protect them from such risks.

This is conducted through either training or consultancy intervention. We can also speak with potential customers on your behalf to further screen those who potentially present a policy risk (i.e. smoking, previous illness, non-disclosure).

Many risks can be predicted and protected in smarter ways, whilst still retaining the customer’s business. This ensures the client is very much in control at all times.

We are the first provider to develop this concept in a workable, practical way across all lines within the industry.

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