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Fraud Awareness Training

Commercial losses across the globe due to fraudulent behaviour reach billions of revenue every year. We estimate the UK fraud bill to average £15 billion a year. And it’s claims handlers on ‘the front line’ that battle daily with those who exaggerate, serialise, stage and induce claims purely for financial gain. Criminals do not regard insurers as victims and therefore share many reasons for their means, motive and opportunity to claim.

We deliver an exceptional Fraud Awareness Training package that raises the competence, confidence and aptitude in front line staff. We provide the methods and indicators surrounding the fraudulent and whether they are premeditated, opportunist or mere embellishment. Your staff will be left enthused and able to identify the approaches implemented by fraudsters far more easily.

Training Key Benefits

  • Raises awareness of fraud methods used against insurers
  • Enhances the client’s ability to reduce risk across the business and the threat of targeted criminal activity
  • Recognises the vital role that all employees can play in improving performance
  • Key Fraud Indicator Improvements & Awareness
  • Fraudulent Behaviour Awareness & The Psychology of Fraud
  • Improving Fraud Detection Methods
  • Improved Database, Intelligence & Identity Checks