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Cognitive Interviewing Training

At I-COG we have been able to repeatedly display to our clients how our cognitive interviewing training and outsourced services really make the difference.

Cognitive Interviewing is different in its application to Conversation Management. A more linear process, Cognitive Interviewing is a procedure designed for use in a structured interview format, whether it is face to face or over the phone. It is normally more appropriate for witnesses and victims in recalling specific facts, and the most effective technique for all investigators.

The goal of Cognitive Interviewing is to assist the interviewee in mentally putting themselves at the ‘scene’ to help probe and gather more information about the reported incident. It is a process that is so well designed that if followed correctly can ‘trigger memories’ that would normally be left untouched.

However, it also has great power in its ability to highlight areas of concern that require further probing. These areas will clearly show major discrepancies. It is these discrepancies that save our clients millions each year.

Being well versed in the psychology of fraudulent behaviour, we are able to identify with ease signs of dishonesty when utilising this process and as such can provide ethical escape routes to maintain the integrity of the investigation.

I-COG are renowned experts in the field of Cognitive Interviewing and have designed their manual of best practice which provides users not only with the mechanics of its application, but also how to further advance in this complex area.

We have trained in areas such as banking transactions, claims validation, education, healthcare, situational interviewing and employee screening. We have also trained those empowered with conducting the public inquiry into the alleged torturing by British soldiers of Iraqi detainee’s.