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Conversation Management Training

Our training is now regarded as the best multi-industry delivery, leaving clients with significant increases in savings, staff confidence and claims performance. All staff are left enthused, focused and technically experienced after our conversation management training – providing better results on each and every claim thereafter.

i-Cog designed their own leading model in 2009 and have since that launch enjoyed much recognition and success internally and externally with client results.

We work closely with our clients to understand their processes and ensure they receive only the best delivery that suits their needs.

Conversation Management Techniques

When in the hands of a trained claims assessor, Conversation Management will identify the fraud in your claims. However, the most flexible model in the industry, areas of the framework move forward and take the lead when it comes to handling more life-focused claims. It is this unique ability that makes our model the most comprehensive for all claim situations across the industry.

Our Conversation Management training will:

  • provide positive customer experiences
  • treat customers fairly throughout
  • gain full a more detailed disclosure of detail
  • capture information and further intelligence previously unknown
  • accurately identify potentially deceptive behaviour
  • influence the customer’s subsequent actions
  • manage emotional conversations with ease
  • gain the commitment of those initially resistant
  • build rapport and secure results for effectively
  • provide ethical escape routes and bring about faster resolution

Given its purpose in encouraging maximum disclosure and securing client results, Conversation Management in the hands of the well trained and motivated user has a number of applications that will be of major benefit. Its effective use has saved £ millions.

Dependent on your requirement and skill level, pre and post course benchmarking and thorough quality assurance is essential to ensure all learning is sustained. This ensures consistent performance for you and your organisation.

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