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i-Observe® Surveillance


i-Observe® delivers to insurers market leading and legally compliant surveillance services with a fixed fee approach that satisfies time after time.

The i-Observe® team consist of only the best dedicated, hand-picked, ex-military, government and police personnel with every case led by only the most up to date intelligence.

The proportionate use of surveillance can dramatically reduce claims liability and protect your business. Gaining an accurate visual account of the real claim circumstances is sometimes all that stands between settlement and declinature.

Combining the latest technology and our dedicated editing suite, we maintain confidential case management at all times.

All instructions are conducted to the highest legal, ethical and regulatory standards including compliance to the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA). Ongoing investment and rigorous training are key to the superior delivery of all i-Observe® claims back to clients.

i-Cog’s experienced case managers oversee every instruction, quality assure continuously for compliance and ensure completion is thorough, timely and evidentially well-constructed.

Our experience includes, but is not limited to:
  • Personal Injury Claims
  • Liability Claims
  • Income Protection Claims
  • All Casualty Claims

We pride ourselves on being intelligence led at all times which leads to the capture of positive footage for clients in 95% of cases. Our approach also ensures total productivity, reduces investigative timescales and secures the right result much sooner than expected.

Case Study

Mr X submitted a claim for being unable to work as a driver as a result of being involved in a serious car accident. He quoted the condition as ‘severe back pain’. However this was only supported mildly by the GP of Mr X, who believed his assessment of him would not prevent a normal return to work. With this and the difficultly in reaching Mr X by phone during the working hours, the decision was made to obtain a true account of Mr X’s condition by utilising i-Observe®.

We initially ran the claim details through our i-Detect® System. This immediately located adverts of a self-employed driver, with the same name and contact details as Mr X possessed. The adverts also posted hours of working. We therefore used this information for the periods of observation as well as having other unique findings to hand.

A deployment strategy was devised for 3 different days’ of deployment over a 3 week period. Mr X was successfully captured on all days working as a driver and completing a full range of movements he stated he was completely unable to do. Due to the strategy implemented, it was also beyond the balance of probabilities that he would be able to operate as he did on every day he was observed.

After securing this information, we were instructed to contact Mr X using i-Verify® and to discuss our findings with him. Mr X admitted that he had exaggerated his symptoms due to financial hardship and had only been off from work for two weeks.

For more information on i-Observe® please download the below fact sheet:

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