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i-Investigate® Worldwide

i-Investigate® provides Insurers with innovative claims investigative solutions all interwoven into one service.

Building a working relationship with the claimant, we successfully identify risk, gather only pertinent and focused evidence, protecting your best interests and that of your genuine customers.

i-Investigate® incorporates the system benefits of i-Detect® and cognitive application skills of i-Verify® when carrying out face to face interviews in the customers home or out in the field. Our fresh and thorough approach also ensures our investigations are fully comprehensive and compliant.

All investigations are carried out in a necessary, reasonable and proportionate manner and are never the subject of unnecessary or substandard returns, that can often be experienced in the industry. We pride ourselves on our stringent internal quality assurance. Our quality is demanding, ethics upstanding and findings outstanding – we always have the integrity of the investigation as our priority, as we do the customers journey.

Investigation Portfolio
  • Income Protection/Creditor Claims
  • Pet Claims
  • Building Claims
  • Household Claims
  • Specialist Schemes
  • Agricultural Claims
  • Personal Injury Claims
  • Household & Content Claims
  • Specialist TV, Photographic and Media Claims
  • Commercial Claims
  • Motor Claims
  • Employer Liability Claims
  • Public Liability Claims
  • Accident & Health Claims
  • Staged/Contrived Incidents
  • Permanent or Temporary Disability Claims
  • Witness & Indemnity Statement Taking
  • Locus Reports
  • Travel Claims
  • Death Claims
Case Study

Mrs X submitted a claim for a burglary against her standard home policy. She reported an extensive amount of jewellery had been stolen. She had previously been spoken with on the phone and asked to submit proof of ownership, but significant concerns remained.

We met with her and obtained a statement regarding the account she had previously provided. We also wanted to outline the concerns we held with the claim in an honest and transparent manner. Some of these concerns surrounded the authenticity of the sales invoices provided, the residents she had disclosed upon inception compared with what the true home situation and the detail within the police report.

This was all conducted in line with the i-Verify® model, but within the home. Mrs X, although exceptionally upset, asked if she could withdraw her claim. The withdrawal was not accepted due to the level of deception already identified. She then admitted that the claim was in fact fraudulent.

Mrs X was still treated with dignity and respect whilst we honestly outlined what next steps would be after her admission.

We did not leave Mrs X until we knew she was in a calmer state and ensured she had a friend with her. She was extremely grateful for the way we had treated her and apologised for wasting our time. Her policy was avoided and the £29,000 was recorded as a fraud saving.


In 87% of instructions we identify fraud, policy breaches and reasons for successful declinature. In addition, our investigators are also trained in the i-Verify® conversation management techniques, further ensuring customers are treated with dignity and respect when met in the home environment.

Every investigated case we have referred to the police has been successful in either charge or conviction. Due to our close law-enforcement contacts, we completely remove the burden from our clients with our expert knowledge in compiling court files and exhibits.

No i-Investigate® referral to IFED has failed and the model has successfully placed numerous fraudsters in the court system for sentencing. However i-Investigate® also ensures genuine customers have a single point of contact they can refer to when their claim is being assessed fairly.

For more information on i-Investigate® please download the below fact sheet:

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