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Travel Claims

We will engage with your claims immediately after first notification of loss with a customer service validation call. Whether the claim be baggage, medical, loss or theft, we will identify the risk in your claims and ensure they are fully validated in a shorter time frame.

Those with attached risk are identified much earlier on in the process and retained for closer scrutiny. Genuine claims are immediately identified and fast-tracked for settlement.

What we know from a recent survey of our industry’s exposure to risk with travel claims is:

  • 46% agreed that most people inflate the value of a claim by at least a third
  • 40% of respondents said that they would prepare to make-up an insurance claim
  • 50% of respondents said that they would be prepared to exaggerate a claim

We will also work closely with your replacement/repair suppliers, but with authority have access to our own special investigators should there be a need to make further inquiries. We are one of the only claims validation companies that also has a special investigation global footprint should it be required.

You and your customer will have access to see how claims are being dealt with. All staff receive regular TCF training and all are leading specialists in I-COG’s bespoke Conversation Management techniques.