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Photographic & Media Claims

I-COG is the UK lead in successfully validating specialist TV, photographic and media claims, often purchased through specific broker schemes.

Our dedicated claims team have built up an extensive technical knowledge in this specialist area and have already identified organised fraud within the UK, where these types of policies are still being intentionally targeted. We do come highly recommended.

We work closely with all law enforcement agencies and now have direct lines of contact to them when fraud is identified. Reported thefts and losses are often of very high value, so cleansing accounts for risk and collecting information and intelligence is critical.

We also have an impressive track record of working effectively with the equipment hire companies themselves, their Insurer and their appointed Loss Adjusters. We have found over the last 4 years that implementing our techniques has created an increase in voluntarily withdrawals and quicker repudiations. This is of utmost importance to knowing if a claim will succeed or fail in the early stages and advising the Insurer connected to the hire company swiftly.

Our validation methods have also reduced customer complaint rates significantly.

You and your customer will also have access to see how claims are being dealt with. All staff receive regular TCF training and all are leading specialists in our bespoke Conversation Management, claims validation and desktop intelligence techniques.