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Household Claims

As specialists in handling household and content claims, we ensure that your customers are contacted within 4 hours of receiving instructions.

Upholding TCF at all times and strictly adhering to FSA guidelines, we focus on fast-tracking genuine customers. This allows us more time to spend on handling those claims that require closer scrutiny.

We have found that by working honestly and sympathetically with your customer, concerns are addressed ethically and professionally for a quick resolution – the right result for the right reasons.

Handling genuine claims through to settlement, our validation methods also reduce claims cycle periods and customer complaint rates.

We will also work closely with your replacement/repair suppliers, but with authority can access our own assessors on claims under delegated authority.

You and your customer will also have access to see how your claims are being dealt with. All staff receive regular TCF training and all are leading specialists in I-COG’s bespoke advanced Conversation Management techniques.