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Income Protection Claims

I-COG provides a cutting-edge claims validation service that covers all types of income protection and creditor claims. We offer a robust and reliable all-in-one solution that will identify the risk in your claims quickly.

Upholding TCF at all times, we conduct customer focused but purposeful conversations with your customers in order to identify those genuine claims to fast-track in a shorter time frame.

With the experience to know how to handle unemployment, sickness, disability and illness claims, our work-flow is robust and intelligence led at all times. Having our own special investigators to hand, we can with your authority be instructed to conduct further enquiries should a potential risk identified.

We can work to a tailored, branded model if required and still provide the skilled and experience handlers.

Using our claims management system, you and your customer will have access to see how claims are being dealt with. All staff receive regular TCF training and all are leading specialists in I-COG’s bespoke Conversation Management techniques.