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i-Excellence® Fast-Track Claims

There are times when either the claim circumstances or type demand a speedy and committed response.

There are also sections in the industry that want all of their loyal customers to have only the best service. If you want your claims handled with urgent consideration, then i-Excellence® is for you.

i-Excellence® is the gold service option – combining i-Detect® and i-Verify® into one cohesive service. A CII qualified handler works with the customer to progress the claim far sooner than the average life-cycle normally dictates, ensuring immediate contact and an agreed claims assessment action plan.

i-Excellence® is quite simply the priority boarding lane of air-travel, the personal shopper of retail. Your customer will have one point of contact who works speedily, efficiently and compliantly with them to assess the claim and to provide all that is required in a much shorter time frame. Building a working relationship, the aim is to take the claim to the right result for the right reason – and if unfavourable for the customer, to gain their commitment in understanding why.

We have been listening to the industry. And as a result have designed this claims work flow to significantly reduces life-cycles, balanced with a thorough risk assessment.

Case Study

We received an i-Excellence® instruction on a Monday. Mrs X claimed that when away for the weekend, her home was broken into. She had left her resident 18 year old son at home but during the hours of the incident, he was out at a party. He returned home at 0500 hours and saw that all electrical items and 2 mobile phones totaling £7,000 had been stolen. She provided a police crime reference number and advised the network providers of both iPhones had been advised. Mrs X only notified the claim on Saturday and had already made a complaint to the out of hour’s service. In addition, she had refused to stay on any one call with Insurer’s for more than 5 minutes.

i-Detect® was commenced on the same day. The system identified that Mrs X was using a second surname and was the only occupant of the risk address. She was being pursued heavily by debt collectors and both handsets had not been blacklisted as originally reported. Also, neither network provider had been informed in any way.

On the same day, Mrs X was contacted and an i-Verify® appointment was arranged for the following morning. This enabled the clients’ dedicated personal claims manager to interpret all system outputs and immediately build a working relationship with Mrs X. She was also tasked with providing the required proofs to support her claim within 12 hours.

On Tuesday Mrs X was spoken with. Her account made no reasonable sense but i-Verify® identified a severe range of risk indicators in her responses. It was determined that her claim was false. All i-Detect® findings were then put to her in a dignified and respectful manner. She continued to emphasise that her son was a true resident at the risk address and that she had no financial issues. After herself happily committing to a call length of 1 hour and 20 minutes, Mrs X’s behaviour was still able to be influenced. She was asked if she wished to proceed with her claim as her son would need to be spoken with as owner of some of the items. She felt that her son would not comply and asked if she could withdraw the claim instead. This withdrawal was accepted and she was removed from cover.

Mrs X’s initial aggressive conduct had been reversed, she had received premium attention and the i-Excellence® client manager had worked with her to reach the right claims result for the right reasons – all within 96 hours and without further repercussion.

Who says timing isn’t everything?

As a premium service, this combined i-Detect® and i-Verify® approach delivers faster results and we commit 100% to reduced turnaround times on the service level agreement. The combined service also carries a reduced fee compared to instructing i-Detect® and i-Verify® separately.

This leading claims service can be instructed on an individual basis or across all claims.

For more information on i-Excellence® please download the below fact sheet:

Download iexcellence.pdf