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Claim Solutions

The challenge to clearly identify those who submit an insurance claim for premeditated and other non-genuine reasons can often result in cumulative and costly measures. The scary part is that these same people are also taking out policies duplicitously – and the industry is mostly unaware.

In response to the Fraud that hasn’t yet happened, historically been missed or identified far too late, we have been working tirelessly over the last 12 months developing a range of new, revolutionary techniques.

Insurers are also more aware than ever of the requirement for due diligence when engaging with suppliers, especially when combined with the reputation-risk faced if customers are dissatisfied with their claims experience.

i-Options® firstly assists the insurance industry by checking all underwriting answers provided and the claim presented for policy breach or risk. The system then gives Insurers the confidence to settle genuine claims swiftly, or to further validate the separated ones with total and utter confidence in us.

In today’s environment ALL claims should be risk assessed, regardless of claim value. The reluctance to assess a low level claim is contributing HEAVILY to the amount of fraud in the industry.

i-Options® provides Insurers with easy, low cost choices that have been specifically designed to assess ALL claims.

This suite of claims assessment options for ALL claims is an ideal platform to position I-COG as the claims management supplier of choice, promoting the 100% client retention rate of the business and the market leading 0.4% customer complaint rate.

Read on to see how you can detect more, save more and create an environment of safety for your genuine customers – with very little effort of your part.

For more information on what the i-Options® Suite can do for you, please download the below:

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