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About Us

Founder & Chief Executive Officer – Tara Shelton  

ts1Tara is the Founder and CEO of I-COG Claims Management. She created a market leading brand in I-COG, the only company in the UK 100% dedicated to her uniquely developed Conversation Management model.

Perceived as the ‘go to’ experts in the industry, the company consistently evidences envious results.

Tara ensures I-COG replicate their Insurer clients’ claims strategies and philosophies and with the business consistently delivering impressive cycle times that never compromises quality. With an ability to respond to insource/outsource models, I-COG possess an international market knowledge that ensures Insurers also reduce claims spend at the front end.

Tara believes in investing in both her own staff and positive client relationships. This is evidenced by over-delivering our customer KPI’s and always being accountable. Passionate about the need to assess claims ethically, I-COG provides genuine customers with a positive and fast-tracked journey, yet still treating those riskier claimants with dignity and respect.

Whilst leading and directing I-COG, Tara provides innovative technical and strategic consultancy to ensure that the latest techniques and technology is available for the wider benefits of the UK and International Insurance industries. She is also on the Editorial Board for several market publications and contributes significantly to radio and television productions as a leading expert on the matter of claims risk and possessing the correct risk identification models.


Chairman – Bobby Gracey

2Bobby Gracey is an experienced International Executive and Chairman of the Board at I-COG. He is solutions focused and has a 25 year proven track record in operational deployment and organic revenue growth in domestic and global markets.

A recognised thought leader in the insurance counter fraud market, he has taken the global debate on claims fraud to all six continents of the world and visited over 25 countries to raise industry awareness. Bobby is a regular contributor to the trade press and media in the UK and is the current Chairman of the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters – Anti Fraud Committee. He also features on many industry Award judging panels and knows more than anyone what the standard for the market should be.

Bobby is responsible for implementing the strategic goals and objectives of I-COG and works together with the Chief Executive Officer in helping to achieve this on a daily basis.

Bobby has been responsible for implementing I-COG’s global claims fraud strategy, operational systems/controls, internal and external client education and business development efforts. This skill set was previously evidenced when under his leadership he grew Crawford & Company’s counter fraud revenues from zero to £20m over 10 years.

Operations Director – Lis Stirling

Lis is a very experienced Executive in the area of Operational Delivery, Training and Development.

With over 32 years’ experience, she is completely customer focused and raises the level of corporate delivery through thorough auditing and education.

Lis is responsible for the overall operational delivery of I-COG’s UK and domestic services and works closely on a daily basis with all clients and her teams to achieve service excellence.