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Industry Claim Validation Partner

I-COG is the leading partner for Claims Validation Services to the International Insurance market.

Our contribution shines through our suite of solutions and commitment to industry initiatives. Our solutions have specifically been designed to assess ALL claims fairly and more swiftly – and is the result of much research and investment on our part.

We are also launching numerous Global Programs so as to unite best practice and embed innovation and metrics across the world due to our strategic and technical experience in varying markets.

In the domestic UK market, I-COG is also proud to be the only UK provider 100% committed to outsourced Conversation Management. It’s in our DNA. It’s what we do – and are our model is unbeatable. We are an organisation that promotes our belief in customer care through the implementation of our unique claims management model and positive client relationships.

We know our services are fresh and we always work hard to improve it each and every day. You will quickly see that our results speak for themselves.

With us as your outsourced claims validation partner, you will enjoy significantly reduced claim cycles, improved customer service ratings and more appropriate claim outcomes. It’s our job to find the claims to pay and fast-track genuine customers towards settlement. Regardless of the outcome, the customer’s journey is of paramount importance to us.

By providing you and your customers with quick, honest engagement, we will identify the risk in your claims whilst continually upholding the ‘Treating Customers Fairly’ philosophy.

I-COG Claims Management is a trading name of I-COG Limited, a limited company registered in England and Wales, company number 7110167.